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Our team has been part of the moving industry for over 10 years. From dispatch to delivery, we’ve done it all – and we know all the tips and tricks, too.

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There’s a lot of weird characters in Los Angeles. Don’t let ‘em near your stuff. Our moving pros are vetted and verified, so you get a team you can trust.

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With 100,000 satisfied customers and counting, we’re on a mission to make moving easier. We know what makes a move challenging, so we handle the hard stuff.


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Our Long-Distance Moving Services in Los Angeles

Every neighborhood in LA is a little different. So is every move. If you’re looking for long distance moving in Los Angeles, here’s how we can help:

Residential Moving

Houses? Check. Apartments? Check. Condos, double-wides, closets, and anything else called home in Los Angeles? Check, check, check.

A residential move takes a lot of planning and prep. Fortunately, the team at Out of State Moving Companies can take care of all that so you don’t have to.

We’ll load your stuff with care, haul it safely, and unload it at your new place. All you have to do is sit back and relax.

Out of State Moving Companies - Residential Moving
Out of State Moving Companies - Commercial Moving

Commercial Moving

You’re running a business. Specifically, you’re running a business in Los Angeles. There’s so much chaos to manage, odds are you don’t want to waste time packing boxes.

We’re business owners, too. We know that downtime is wasted time, and if you’re moving offices, storefronts, or warehouses, that’s time spent disrupting your usual workflow.

Book your commercial relocation with Out of State Moving Companies, and keep the gears turning without missing a beat. You handle the day-to-day deliverables; we’ll handle the packing and delivery.

Packing Services

“I LOVE PACKING BOXES,” said no one ever. Bubble wrap, packing peanuts, boxes, tape, and all those other goodies – we’ll bring it all, so you don’t have to worry about it.

When you book our packing services, you get the ultimate in stress-free moving. Our teams will carefully pack, stack, tape and crate – and all you have to do is sit back and relax. We’ll even build custom packaging for those awkward and bulky items.

Out of State Moving Companies - Packing Services
Out of State Moving Companies - Storage Solutions

Storage Solutions

In LA, they may count as “affordable housing”, but when they’re used for their original purpose, storage units can give you some much-needed flexibility before, during, and after your big move.

If you underestimated how much stuff you have (or you overestimated how much space you have), we can hook you up with safe and secure storage units of all shapes and sizes.

Get in touch with us today, and we’ll make sure you’ve got the extra square-footage you need.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire Long Distance Movers in Los Angeles?

A long distance move in Los Angeles is going to set you back between $1,500​ and $8,700. It’s a pretty big window, but it all depends on how much you’re hauling, and how far you’re traveling.

In the world of long distance moving, the two biggest factors behind your price are always going to be your miles and your cubic feet (or pounds, depending on who you’re working with). Sure, there may be extra fees for packing, elevators, or shuttle trucks, but the distance traveled and the size of your move are the main factors.

If you’re just moving a studio apartment across the state line, your move will be a lot cheaper than moving a five-bedroom home from Beverly Hills to the Hamptons. Take a look at this table to get an idea of how much you may end up paying for your LA move:

Distance1 Bedroom2 – 3 Bedroom4 – 5 Bedroom
100 miles$1200 – $1500$1550 – $2000$2100 – $2500
250 miles$1600 – $2000$2100 – $2500$2600 – $3000
1000 miles+$2800 – $3000$3100 – $3500$3600 – $4000
2500 miles+$3100 – $3500$3600 – $4500$8700+

Los Angeles Long Distance Moving FAQs

The cheapest option for a long distance move is always going to be a complete DIY job. Is it the SMARTEST option? That one’s up for debate. After you pay for gas, food, and lodging (and we all know how expensive gas, food, and lodging gets in LA), your savings may not be as huge as you thought. And if you have to skip work (and paychecks) to move? Forget it. Hiring the pros is worth the extra bucks.

Industry standard for a long distance move is anything over 100 miles or across state lines. If you’re moving within the same state and within a 100 mile radius, you’re looking at a local move, so you’ll have to pay per mover, per hour.

A long distance move is charged based on distance and volume. Long distance movers also have to be federally licensed and certified to haul all your stuff.

Look for a Department of Transportation (DOT) number and a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (FMCSA) number to make sure you’re dealing with a legit long distance moving company.

We always recommend downsizing before you shop around for a quote. Since your long distance moving price is largely determined by how far you’re traveling and how much you’re hauling, it’s a smart idea to get rid of all your old and unwanted items before you look for estimates. Sell, regift, donate, or just plain junk that old stuff to save some serious cash.

Aside from our professional staff, our experienced moving teams, and our commitment to transparent pricing, the biggest difference with Out of State Moving Companies is our stress-free approach to long distance moving.

We know that moving means plenty of chaos, so we manage every step. This way, our customers can get a fresh start without worrying about all their boxes.

LA is a huge city, and it’s broken down into a lot of smaller cities just to keep things manageable. Your favorite will really depend on what you’re looking for, and where you’re working.

  • Downtown LA is mainly industrial warehouses, big businesses, and homeless camps.
  • Hollywood is mainly weirdos, tourist traps, and homeless camps.
  • The Valley is mainly the entertainment industry, the ADULT entertainment industry, and homeless camps.
  • West LA is mainly airports, sociopathic nu-yuppies, and homeless camps.
  • East LA es usualmente taquerías, hispanohablantes, y vagabundos.

No matter what you’re looking for, odds are you’ll find it in LA – and there’ll be a homeless camp nearby, too!

Los Angeles is a wild place, and if you’re moving in, you’re going to be going in blind – no matter how many times you’ve visited, and no matter how much you’ve researched the city on the internet.

The best way to prepare for your big LA move is to look at a map, and try to memorize the main highways. You don’t need to remember ALL of them, but a few of the major north-south and east-west routes are good to know, like the 405, the 710, the 110, and the 10.

A long distance move can take anywhere from 2 – 21 days. Like the price, the overall duration depends on how far you’re traveling and how much you’re hauling.

Federal law limits the distance your driver can go each day. Drivers can’t clock more than 400 miles of interstate travel per day, so that automatically adds days to your schedule.

Additionally, if you have a small move – say, a studio or a one-bedroom apartment – your movers will bundle it together with other moves in the same truck.

Don’t worry – everything will be kept safe, secure, and separated. But since moving companies don’t like sending half-empty trucks all over the place, it’s a common practice to combine moves for greater efficiency. Unfortunately, this means you’ll deal with more delays for pickups and dropoffs along the way.

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Despite all the whining and complaining you hear from LA people, it really is an awesome city. Whether you’re moving in or leaving for someplace a little more affordable, Out of State Moving Companies can help.

We’re ready to get you packed up and on the road. Tell us more about your LA move, and let’s get started!

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