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We don’t need a fancy sales pitch if we’ve got solid customer reviews. Here are just a few:

Why Choose Out of State Moving Companies?

Moving long distance can be a pain. Aside from the boxes, the tape, and potential back injuries, you’ll also be dealing with that wonderful Florida weather. Great for the beach, not so great when you’re doing a lot of heavy lifting.

Fortunately, you can hire the pros to handle the heavy lifting instead. At Out of State Moving Companies, we’ll handle every step of the process, from planning to unpacking. It’s all part of delivering a stress-free move. Here’s what you get when you book with our team:


Over ten years of experience, and still going strong. We know the ins and outs of long distance moving, from dispatch to delivery.

Professional Team

Instead of hiring your local Florida man, why not move with a team you can trust? Our movers are carefully vetted and great at what they do.

Customer Reviews

Over 100,000 happy customers can’t be wrong. Moving is a journey, and our customer service team will be with you every step of the way.


Unlike the other guys, we keep our pricing transparent. They may throw in hidden fees, or adjust your price at the last moment. We don’t.

Our Long-Distance Moving Services in St. Petersburg

We know every move is different, so we offer à la carte options for a completely custom experience. Pick and choose what you want, and don’t pay for stuff you don’t need.

Residential Moving

When you’re moving house, you’re pretty much moving your whole life. Everything you own tells the story of you, and we’re here to make sure your next chapter gets a good start.

Our professional movers will handle your residential move with the respect and extra care it deserves. Whether you’re living in an apartment, a house, or someone’s garage, we’ll keep it safe, and move it with care.

Book residential moving with Out of State Moving Companies, and we’ll turn your new place into your new home.

Out of State Moving Companies - Residential Moving
Out of State Moving Companies - Commercial Moving

Commercial Moving

If you’re running a business, downtime is the enemy. A corporate move can interrupt all of the careful planning you’ve done for your day-to-day deliverables, but the right professional help can keep things smooth.

At Out of State Moving Companies, we’re business owners, too. We know that a business move is a major distraction for yourself and your team, so we’ll get it done quickly, efficiently, and with minimal stress.

Server racks and office supplies? No problem. Warehouse inventory and specialized appliances? Done. The PM’s desk full of knickknacks? Down to the last paperclip.

Packing Services

Packing is one of the hardest parts of your entire move. Between all the wrapping, taping, and running back to Home Depot to get more boxes, it’s a recipe for a major headache.

Fortunately, Out of State Moving Companies offers white glove packing. This means we’ll carefully pack up all your stuff so you don’t have to. Our crews will show up with high-quality packing supplies, and they can even custom-crate those hard-to-pack items.

The best way to enjoy a stress-free move is to let someone else handle the hard stuff. Book packing with us, and let us deal with it. That’s what we’re here for.

Out of State Moving Companies - Packing Services
Out of State Moving Companies - Storage Solutions

Storage Solutions

Do you have enough space for everything at your new place? Do you think you can get your belongings unloaded in just a few hours?

Storage can give you extra square footage, extra time, and extra peace of mind. A long distance move is quite the process, and in most cases, it takes a bit of time to get everything situated at point B.

If you want some extra flexibility, Out of State Moving Companies is here to help. Book secure storage, and we’ll keep the lights on.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire Long Distance Movers in St. Petersburg?

Long distance movers in St. Petersburg typically cost between $1,500 to $9,500, but we’ve seen the odd move that was a little cheaper or more expensive. It all comes down to how far you’re going, and how much you’re packing.

While there are several factors that affect the final price of your move, the distance and volume are the biggest. Your distance is measured in miles, and volume is measured in cubic feet (although some movers provide a weight estimate in pounds).

To provide an accurate number, your movers will have to map out the route and check out all your belongings – either through an inventory list, or through a virtual or in-home inspection. But if you want a ballpark figure without the hassle, check out this table for a rough estimate:

Distance1 Bedroom2 – 3 Bedroom4 – 5 Bedroom
100 miles$1000 – $2000$2000 – $4000$4000 – $6000
250 miles$1200 – $2500$2500 – $4500$4500 – $6500
1000 miles+$1500 – $3500$3000 – $5500$6000 – $8400
2500 miles+$2000 – $4000$4000 – $6500$7000-$9500+

St. Petersburg Long Distance Moving FAQs

Aside from the distance and physical size of your move, there are a few other factors that contribute to your final price. Here are some of the most common:

  • Packing and extras: Packing and storage are real life-savers, but they aren’t usually free. You’ll have to pay anywhere from a couple hundred to a few thousand, depending on how much you need packed up, and how long you’ll need your storage unit.
  • Access fees: Every move comes with its own set of challenges. This applies to your movers, too. If they have to deal with gates, long hallways, elevators, and multiple flights of stairs, expect to pay an additional fee for the obstacle course.
  • Shuttles: Long distance movers rely on big semi trucks for interstate travel. Unfortunately, these aren’t always allowed to park on city streets. In these cases, movers have to use a smaller shuttle truck to ferry stuff back and forth from the main truck.
  • Insurance: Accidents do happen, even with the carefullest packing. Industry standard insurance is only good for $0.60 per pound of damaged items, so if you want to be reimbursed the full value of your goods, you’ll have to pay for full-value insurance.
  • Time of year: Everyone wants to move when the kids are out of school. This means summer, holidays, and long weekends are the busiest – and most expensive – periods for moving. Avoid summer, and shoot for a mid-week, mid-month move.

If you’re looking for the absolute cheapest option, you can rent a truck and do it all yourself. But we wouldn’t advise it – and we’re not just saying that because we’re pro movers.

When you rent a truck, pay for your own gas, and shell out extra for food and lodging, you may find your savings drying up pretty quickly. And if you have to take time off from work to pack, load, and haul all your stuff, that’s coming out of your paycheck. Sometimes it’s just more efficient to pay for the pros.

In the moving industry, we count moves across state lines or over 100 miles as “long distance”. Long distance moving comes with its own list of licensing requirements, so when you’re shopping for out of state movers, make sure you look for their FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) and DOT (Department of Transportation) numbers.

We always recommend downsizing as much as possible. If you have a bunch of unwanted and unused furniture, appliances, or anything else, try to pawn it off, donate it, or just plain junk it. This is less for you to unpack on moving day, and less weight/volume for your movers to add on your quote.

Aside from downsizing, it’s a good idea to plan your move far in advance, and schedule wisely to avoid high-demand time periods. Try to avoid the summer and major holidays, and you can score some sweet discounts.

Out of State Moving Companies is always expanding. Aside from St. Petersburg, we operate all over Florida, from Miami to Gainesville. But we also handle cross-country moving, so we offer our services in Las Vegas and all over California as well. Be on the lookout – we’re always adding new cities!

Sure, there are a lot of long distance movers out there. But we’re one of the few who offer completely custom moving services. We allow our customers to pick and choose the moving options they need, and we adapt our moving plan to fit your move.

Beyond custom moving, we’ve built our whole business off of stress-free relocations. Our team can handle all of the planning and prep so you don’t have to. We’ve been in the industry long enough to know how to make a move a success, so we’ll let you sit back and relax through the whole process.

It’s a good idea to book your movers well in advance – somewhere from 2 to 3 months ahead of your preferred moving date. This gives you plenty of time to pack up (or book packing services), as well as plenty of time to tie up loose ends. If you want a genuinely stress-free experience, the extra time can really help.

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