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We’re handling moves in the Bay Area and beyond. If you’re moving in San Francisco, book with Out of State Moving Companies for a stress-free relocation.
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Here’s What Makes Us San Francisco’s Finest

A city move can be tough. Moving in THE City can be even more challenging. There’s the usual fun that comes with packing your boxes, and then there’s those tiny little streets, huge hills, and nowhere to park once you’ve rented your truck.

Fortunately, Out of State Moving companies is all about stress-free moving. Our team will handle the boxing, loading, and hauling – and we’ll figure out the parking sitch so you don’t have to. You enjoy your new home, and we’ll deal with all the hassle.


The moving industry is competitive. You don’t rack up a decade of experience unless you’re doing something right. We’re at 10+ years, and still going strong.

Professional Team

That sketchy guy you know with the box truck? Yeah, he lives in that thing. Our pro movers are vetted and verified, and we keep strict standards to make sure there’s no sketchiness on our end.

Customer Reviews

100,000 is more than just a number to us. Each of those moves has been a journey, and each of those journeys has required a helping hand and ride-or-die customer service. We’ll help our next 100,000 customers the same way.


The other guys will hit you with hidden fees, and they may even change your quote while your stuff is in transit. Not us. We’re all about transparent pricing and clear quotes.

Our Long-Distance Moving Services in San Francisco

Every move is different. When you move with Out of State Moving Companies, we let you pick and choose your services so you get what you need, and you don’t get billed for anything extra.

Residential Moving

Townhouse, apartment, cardboard box – wherever you can afford to live in the City, we can help you move it.

If you’re moving house, a complete DIY job means doing all the packing, loading, and hauling by yourself. It also means doing all those steps in reverse order once you get to point B.

Fortunately, residential moving is our bread-and-butter. Our moving teams will handle every step of the moving process, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your new beginning without stressing over the small stuff.

Out of State Moving Companies - Residential Moving
Out of State Moving Companies - Commercial Moving

Commercial Moving

You just scored some new runway and you’re going to the moon – but where’s your office headed? Out of State Moving Companies can help you pack up your HQ.

When you’re running a business, the last thing you need is some kind of distraction to keep you from doing what you do best. Moving is a big, big distraction, and that kind of downtime can seriously disrupt your day-to-day.

Book your corporate relocation with Out of State Moving Companies, and we’ll keep the gears turning.

Packing Services

You know how Home Depot never has the boxes you’re looking for? Not a problem with us. Plus, you won’t have to do the packing, either.

We know that some of our customers are allergic to packing peanuts. That’s why we offer complete packing services. We’ll show up with all the supplies and equipment for the job, from extra-strong boxes to custom crating.

The best part? We’ll do the unpacking for you, too. It’s all part of providing a stress-free moving experience, and it’s what we do best.

Out of State Moving Companies - Packing Services
Out of State Moving Companies - Storage Solutions

Storage Solutions

Storage units aren’t the affordable housing solution you’ve been looking for, but they’re a great option if you need some extra flexibility.

Whether you’ve overestimated your space or underestimated your stuff, Out of State Moving companies can help you score some extra square-footage. From storage lockers to full-sized units, we’ve got you covered.

Let us know how much space you need, and we’ll make sure you get a safe and secure storage unit you can trust. Just don’t try living in it – no matter how high your rent is.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire Long Distance Movers in San Francisco?

Long distance movers in San Francisco will cost you anywhere from $1,100 to $5,000, but we’ve seen some that are a bit cheaper (and a few that are bit more expensive).

If you’re trying to math out your budget ahead of time, there are several different factors to keep in mind. From packing services to parking permits, there’s a lot of little fees and add-ons that’ll affect the price of moving in San Francisco.

But, if you want a hard-and-fast estimate, the most important factors are the distance and volume of your move. Moving more stuff? You’re going to pay more. Moving more miles? You’re going to pay more, also.

We’re all about transparency, and one of the best ways to keep our customers informed is to breaks down the data. Take a look at this table for a rough estimate of what you can expect to pay:

Distance1 Bedroom2 – 3 Bedroom4 – 5 Bedroom
100 miles$1100 – $1500$1550 – $2000$2100 – $2500
250 miles$1600 – $2000$2100 – $2500$2600 – $3000
1000 miles+$2800 – $3000$3100 – $3500$3600 – $4000
2500 miles+$3100 – $3500$3600 – $4500$5000+

FAQ Section

Aside from the volume of your move (either in cubic feet or pounds) and the distance of your move (in miles), there are a handful of other factors that affect the price of your long distance move:

  • Packing and add-ons: You may not need these, but packing services are strongly recommended. You won’t have to box up your stuff, and you’ll save big on stress. From packing to storage, there’s plenty of goodies that will make life easier.
  • Access fees: Long hallways and driveways, extra flights of stairs, elevators… the list goes on. If you’ve got a lot of obstacles between the truck and the front door, expect to pay a few fees.
  • Shuttle fees: Most cities don’t take kindly to huge semi trucks blocking their streets, so your movers will have to park their main truck at a staging area, and use a smaller box truck to shuttle stuff back and forth. Thank your city council for the extra step.
  • Insurance: It’s rare for stuff to get broken in transit (especially if you’re dealing with the pros), but full-value insurance is a sound investment if you want greater peace of mind. Otherwise, you’re stuck with the bare minimum, which is only good for $0.60 per pound.
  • Time of year: Take our advice, and avoid a summer move if at all possible. There’s certain times of the year that are always more expensive, and those expensive periods always overlap with when the kids are out of school.

The cheapest option for a long distance move is always going to be DIY – but your savings may not warrant the extra effort. When you run the numbers and factor in the gas prices, the price of food and lodging, and all those paychecks you may be missing from work, it may be more efficient to just hire some pro movers and save on stress.

In the moving industry, there’s three types of move: local, long distance, and international. International is pretty self-explanatory. Local moves are under 100 miles and within the same state, and they’re billed per hour and per mover. (Most local moves require about two movers per room).

If you’re moving over 100 miles, crossing the state line, or both, you’re dealing with a long distance move. These moves are billed by the weight/volume of your goods, and the miles you’re traveling.

You may not be able to do much about the mileage, but we always recommend downsizing as much as possible before you go shopping for quotes. When you get rid of all your old, unwanted items, you’re reducing the volume of your move. Plus, it’s less stuff to box and unbox.

Aside from downsizing, it’s a good idea to shop around for a mid-week, mid-month move. This way, you’re not competing with all those leases that run out around the first of the month, and everyone else who wants to move on a Saturday or Sunday.

At Out of State Moving Companies, we’re committed to excellent customer service, custom-built moving, and an easy and efficient relocation experience.

If that sounds like pretty much every other sales pitch you’ve seen for a mover, don’t worry – our approach is all about reducing your stress in ways the other guys can only dream of.

We’re talking completely hands off moving on your end, and professional teams doing the planning, prep, and execution so you don’t have to.

Long distance moving can take anywhere from 1 – 21 days. Like the price of your move, the duration really depends on how much stuff you’re hauling, and how many miles you’re traveling. Under federal law, drivers can only clock 400 miles of interstate travel per day, but that’s just part of the equation.

You’d expect a smaller amount of stuff would be packed and shipped faster, but that’s only partially true. Sure, it’s easy to box up and put on the truck, but moving companies don’t like to send half-empty trucks all over the place.

Instead, they’ll bundle several smaller moves in the same trailer (while keeping everything secure and separated, of course). It’s more efficient, but there’ll be some delays for drop offs and pickups along the way.

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