Easy Guide to Cheap Moving Boxes for Budget Moves

Finding affordable packing materials for your move is among your top priorities. Explore our detailed guide, and you’ll learn how to find cheap moving boxes. Discover the tricks to save money while getting quality boxes to keep your belongings safe and secure.
Cheap Moving Boxes - Out of State Moving Companies

Moving across town or country is an exciting adventure. At the same time, it’s an expensive endeavor. From hiring local or out of state movers to paying for a storage unit, moving costs can pile up in minutes.

If you schedule the move in time or choose the less busy relocation period, the expenses will be much lower. Another great way to save money in your pocket is by getting cheap moving boxes.

You may think that moving supplies can’t be expensive, but think again. Relocation requires a ton of things that will safeguard your belongings, and you don’t want to overspend on boxes.

It’s time to say goodbye to costly supplies. The options in this guide are affordable and budget-friendly.

What to Do Before Getting Moving Boxes?

Boxes are a critical part of moving, and you don’t want to end up with too many or not enough. Remember – getting affordable moving boxes is among the best ways to save on packing materials. But you should only jump into it with proper preparation.

Get Rid of Things You No Longer Use or Need

When moving, you should do your best to make the process as smooth as possible. A moving company will help you do so. But, there are certain things you must do yourself. One such thing is declutter.

Before learning more about cost-effective packing solutions, consider what you no longer need. You can organize a garage sale or donate to charity.

After cleaning up, you’ll reduce the number of boxes you need. In addition, with fewer things, you’ll make packing and moving less stressful.

Consider Using Packing Supplies You Already Have

When moving, it’s vital to think ahead. Do you still have boxes from your small appliances, TVs, etc.? If yes, pack all the items back into those boxes. If the box has more free space, you can add soft or small items.

Ensure that you use containers you already have to pack certain things. Be smart – save space by packing smaller items into bigger ones. For example, you may put your bathroom supplies into a laundry basket. Or, you may pack spices or cutlery into pots with lids.

How Many Moving Boxes You Need?

When planning a move, one of the most significant steps is figuring out how many boxes you’ll need. There are several factors to consider, including:

  • The inventory of your home – you must go through every room and create a thorough list of your belongings. Ensure to categorize your possessions.
  • The size of your home – the math is simple: the bigger the house, the more boxes you’ll need.
  • The number of people moving – If you share a household with roommates or have a big family, you have more things to pack. Thus, you’ll need more boxes.

How to Get Free Moving Boxes

Moving costs a lot, and saving a dollar here and there makes a huge difference. Among many options that allow you to cut costs, getting free boxes is among the best.

1. Friends & Family

Before going elsewhere, ask your friends, family members, or co-workers if they have a few boxes to spare. Send a few texts or reach out using your social media.

2. Check Online

There are so many things we can do online these days, including finding free moving boxes. You can visit Craigslist, The Freecycle Network, or U-Haul to score free moving supplies. Don’t forget to check what’s available on Facebook Marketplace.

3. Stores, Coffee Shops, Bars, and Restaurants

Large retailers and local grocery stores receive goods packed in boxes. Coffee shops, bars, and diners also receive regular shipments of all kinds of things, from mugs and glasses to coffee-making supplies, and all these come in boxes. Check pharmacies and bookstores as well. Visit these in your neighborhood, and you’ll find many free boxes. The staff tends to get rid of any boxes as soon as they unpack the goods. Avoid taking boxes that are damaged or smelly.

4. Apartment Complexes and College Dorms

If there’s an apartment complex nearby, ensure to check it out. Many residents discard the boxes after appliance purchase or moving. If you plan to relocate at the beginning of the school year, don’t forget to visit college dorms. You’ll find plenty of boxes students get rid of after moving in.

Best Retailers Offering Cheap Moving Boxes

Before you get moving supplies of any kind, including boxes, doing your research to find the best deals is a must. The prices vary from one retailer to another. Plus, browse special offers and deals – these can significantly reduce the final cost.

1. Amazon

This retail giant has a vast selection of boxes in various sizes. Thus, you’ll easily find the ones that match your needs. You can compare prices to find the best deals and read what previous customers had to say about products.

2. Uboxes.com

Some companies offer moving boxes right from the factory, with great deals and competitive prices, including Uboxes. If you want to buy other packing supplies, including bubble wrap and bags, packing papers, rolls, etc., you’ll find it here.

3. Lowe’s

The store is a top choice for everyone planning any design or remodeling project. Lowe’s has everything you might need, including moving boxes. You can visit the store or place an online order, whatever’s more convenient for you.

4. U-Haul

If you’re moving for the first time, you’ll likely buy more boxes than you need. What to do with them later? If you choose U-Haul, the answer is simple – take them to the nearest U-Haul, and you’ll get a full refund. However, ensure you have the receipt.

5. Walmart

Retailer offers various packing supplies at competitive prices. You can browse the offer online or visit the nearest Walmart to purchase the boxes and other things you need.

6. Dollar Stores

People tend to forget about dollar stores. If you have one nearby, visit it and check the offer. The chances are you’ll find cheap moving supplies and boxes that could work for you.

Things To Consider When Buying Moving Boxes

If you are about to hire a professional moving company, you won’t have to think about the details as much. They’ll advise you about the type of boxes, their size, number, etc., and packing in general. But, if you are planning a DIY move, you’re in charge of every detail of your relocation. Here are the things to consider before you get moving boxes.

Types of Boxes

There are different types of boxes available. You’ll find wardrobe boxes, which are lighter and not so sturdy. You can pack many things into these. For fragile items, get dish boxes, which come with a double layer of cardboard, ideal for these types of things. If you are up for an eco-friendly move, you may go for ecoboxes, available for rent.

2. Size

There are small, medium, and large boxes. Small ones are ideal for the majority of items. Their usual size is 18x18x16 inches. The medium ones serve great for toys, photo frames, clothes, etc. Their usual size is 20x20x18 inches. Large boxes are excellent for massive items, such as large appliances, mattresses, etc.

3. Don’t Forget Additional Supplies

Buying only boxes won’t keep your belongings safe. You need to buy additional supplies. Getting things like packing tape, bubble wrap, bubble cushioning, labels, markers, etc., will save you time and keep your items secure.

4. Don’t Forget Additional Supplies

Buying only boxes won’t keep your belongings safe. You need to buy additional supplies. Getting things like packing tape, bubble wrap, bubble cushioning, labels, markers, etc., will save you time and keep your items secure.

Tips for DIY Packing on a Budget

Packing can be stressful, especially when you’re doing it yourself. But, you can observe moving as an excellent opportunity to show your creative skills.

Here are some tips for stress-free and budget-friendly packing:

  • Carefully plan everything, and ensure you leave enough time for packing.
  • Have boxes in different sizes and pack things correctly – use small boxes for heavy items and larger ones for lighter ones.
  • Use all the space in the boxes. Loosely packed boxes can turn the moving into a disaster. You can fill the gaps with different things, including paper, towels, sheets, clothing, etc.
  • Avoid mixing belongings from different rooms into one box. By doing this, both processes, packing and unpacking, will go smoother and faster.
  • Label and tape all the boxes.
  • Will you load the truck yourself? If yes, ensure to put heavy boxes first, placing them towards the truck’s front. That’ll provide balance.

Wrapping It Up

Will relocating from one place to another be smooth? It depends on many things. The organization and staying on a budget are significant in the process. There are different ways to save cash when moving, including getting inexpensive moving supplies. We’ve highlighted options that allow you to get free moving boxes and retailers that sell them at affordable prices. Don’t forget to use tips for choosing the right boxes and packing on a budget. One last thing – happy moving!