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Priced out of San Jose, or just looking for a change of scenery? We get it. Use Out of State Moving Companies to book your San Jose movers today.
Long Distance Movers in San Jose
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Experience the ease of long-distance moving in San Jose with our expert team at Out of State Moving Companies. Leave the stress behind and entrust us with the details, from meticulous planning to seamless execution. Embrace the excitement of your new journey while we take care of the heavy lifting.


We’ve been in the moving game for over a decade. With 10+ years of experience, we’ve learned all the ins and outs of stress-free moving, and we’re ready to share what we’ve learned.

Professional Team

Any weirdo with a truck can show up and haul your stuff. Whether you’ll actually see your stuff again is a different story. Our moving teams are vetted, certified, and professional from start to finish.

Customer Reviews

You don’t rack up 100,000 moves without a concrete commitment to customer satisfaction. Whatever the size, shape, or distance, we always bring our A game.


The other guys may throw in hidden fees and change your price at the last minute. Not us. We keep our quotes clear and transparent, so you know what you get and what you’re paying for.

Our Long-Distance Moving Services in San Jose

Why should you settle for a one-size-fits-all moving package when you know there’s no one-size-fits-all move? We let you pick and choose your options.

Residential Moving

Living in a house? Apartment? Closet or cardboard box? Whatever you can afford to call home in San Jose, we can move it for you.

We know that San Jose is pricey, crowded, and full of moving companies that are more trouble than they’re worth. Take the stress out of moving day, and book your residential move with Out of State Moving Companies, instead.

Moving house means moving your whole life. Our teams will give every box the care and attention it deserves, and we’ll handle the heavy lifting so you can focus on your fresh start.

Out of State Moving Companies - Residential Moving
Out of State Moving Companies - Commercial Moving

Commercial Moving

From server racks to your campus fleet of weirdo rental bikes, Out of State Moving Companies can handle your corporate relocation.

As with moving a house, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for a commercial move. Especially in Silicon Valley. You’ve seen enough offices and tech HQs in your time to know they’re all full of computer gear, knicknacks, art, and $400 smoothie machines. Boxing all that stuff up is going to cause some serious downtime.

Not to worry. We’re business owners ourselves, so we’ve been there before. Let us handle the whole moving process so you can keep the gears turning.

Packing Services

Packing your boxes, adding plenty of padding, and taping it all up – only to discover you’ve forgotten a few important items. Sound familiar?

Packing is one of – if not THE – most time consuming part of your move. It’s also one of the most frustrating. You always have more stuff than you expect, and you always strike out when you try to find the right box-size at Home Depot (hint: those big ones are for pillows and other lightweight stuff).

Out of State Moving Companies is here to save you. We’ll bring the packing supplies, and we’ll even custom crate those awkward items.

Out of State Moving Companies - Packing Services
Out of State Moving Companies - Storage Solutions

Storage Solutions

Pros: The cheapest square footage you can find in San Jose. Cons: You can’t actually live in one of these. (Seriously, don’t even try it.)

Storage units, when used for their original intention, are a great backup to have on hand before, during, and after your move. Have too much stuff? Put it in the storage unit. Still figuring out where everything should fit? Put it in the storage unit.

If you need some extra flexibility on moving day, use Out of State Moving Companies to book a storage unit. We make it simple to shop around and find the best deal.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire Long Distance Movers in San Jose?

A long distance move in San Jose is going to cost between $1,290 to $8,200, but we’ve seen the odd one that was cheaper or more expensive. When it comes to long distance moving, it’s all about distance and volume.

Your movers will give you an estimate that includes a ton of features and extras, but the biggest numbers always come from how far you’re going, and how much stuff is being transported. Hauling a studio apartment from San Jose to Los Angeles is going to be a lot cheaper than sending a 5-bedroom home all the way across country.

Your mileage and your pounds/cubic feet of belongings are always going to be the most important numbers. Fortunately, these numbers make it easy to math out a ballpark estimate:

Distance1 Bedroom2 – 3 Bedroom4 – 5 Bedroom
100 miles$1200 – $1500$1550 – $2000$2100 – $2500
250 miles$1600 – $2000$2100 – $2500$2600 – $3000
1000 miles+$2800 – $3000$3100 – $3500$3600 – $4000
2500 miles+$3100 – $4500$5100 – $7500$8200+

San Jose Long Distance Moving FAQs

Aside from the weight of all your stuff and the distance you’re traveling, there are a few other factors that make up the rest of your price:

  • Packing and other extras: These may cost you a bit extra, but we really recommend shelling out for packing and furniture disassembly/reassembly. We’re not just saying that as pro movers, either. It’ll save you a ton of time and effort, and the tradeoff’s not bad.
  • Access fees: This is a catch-all term for all those little obstacles your movers will have to deal with between your front door and their truck. Long hallways or driveways (over 75 feet), extra flights of stairs, elevators – if these get in the way, you will have to pay.
  • Shuttle fees: Technically a sort of access fee, but this one gets its own bullet. Some cities don’t like it when huge semi trucks block traffic. In this case, your movers will have to park the main truck on the outskirts, and use a smaller truck to ferry stuff back and forth.
  • Insurance: It’s rare, but sometimes accidents happen. The federally-mandated minimum insurance provided by most movers is only good for like $0.60 per pound. So if you want more than $2.40 for that broken monitor, you’ll have to pay extra for full-value insurance.
  • Time of year: June, July, and August have always been the busiest months for moving. May and September are getting pricier, too. If there’s higher demand for movers, the prices go up, too. Plus, it’ll be harder to book the exact time slot you want.

The cheapest? DIY. The best for your sanity? Literally any option that’s NOT DIY.

Turns out, after you rent a truck, pay for gas (like $5.50 a gallon in San Jose) and shell out for your food and lodging, you melt through those DIY savings pretty quickly.

Plus, if you have to take time off from work to do all your packing and hauling, those are paychecks down the drain.

Sometimes it’s just more cost-effective to book the pros. At the very least, you won’t have to stress so much or throw your back out.

In the moving industry, anything over 100 miles or across state lines counts as a long distance move. Long distance movers need to be federally certified to conduct interstate business, so look for a DOT (Department of Transportation) number and an FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) number to make sure you’re dealing with someone legit.

If you’re trying to save every penny, we really recommend downsizing before you search for a quote. Get rid of all the old, unwanted, or unused items you have lying around. Sell them, donate them, whatever. This means you won’t have as much volume to deal with.

Aside from downsizing, we also recommend shopping around for a mid-week, mid-month move, that’s far away from major holidays or vacations. Try to avoid moving whenever kids are out of school, since that’s when everyone else wants to do it.

We’re always growing, and we’re happy to offer stress-free relocations all over the United States. We’re pretty big in Florida (Gainesville, Miami, and more), and we’re even putting down roots in Las Vegas. And of course, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco and all those other big cities in California.

Out of State Moving companies is committed to smooth and stress-free moving. While we’d like to believe other moving companies have the same philosophy, easy moving is really the backbone of how we operate.

We can handle every step of your relocation, from the planning to the unpacking. And we also let you pick and choose the exact services you’ll need on moving day.

We recommend booking your movers at least 2 or 3 months in advance. It seems like a huge window, but you’d be surprised at how fast time flies once you’ve booked.

Between packing your stuff, transferring your mail and utilities, and letting your friends and family know where they can find you (assuming you want them to know), you’re going to have a busy couple of months.

A long distance move will take anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks. Like the price of your move, it really depends on how much you’re carrying and how far you’re traveling – but a smaller amount of stuff isn’t necessarily going to be faster.

Moving companies don’t like to send half-empty trucks all over the place, so they’ll usually bundle several smaller movers together in the same trailer.

This is great for efficiency, but it takes a lot of extra time for pickups and dropoffs along the way. On the other hand, if you manage to fill an entire truck with just your stuff, expect it to ship a lot faster.

Let's Plan Your Move in San Jose

You’ve seen the services, and you’ve learned a little more about what it takes to make a San Jose move a success. Now, all you have to do is tell us a little more about your move, and we can handle the rest.

Whether you’re heading somewhere cheaper or heading somewhere less crowded, our long distance movers in San Jose are ready to help. Share some details of your move, and let’s get started!

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